Drive awareness, consideration and purchase intent for Wii U among active gamer info-seekers during the 2013 holiday season.


Working off the strategic insight that 63% of all video gamers produce and consume programming on YouTube on a daily basis, A2G created the Wii U Video Challenge, a dual-phased program that leveraged the talent and influence of the site’s top content creators.


We selected 30 of YouTube’s most influential and talented content creators to produce videos inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World. Each participant was given two weeks to put together their production “dream team” and create a video in hopes of moving onto the next round.

The stakes were high, as only one channel would be selected to partner with the most sought-after pioneer of YouTube programming, Freddie Wong. Based on a variety of criteria, Hey Ash Whatcha’ Playin?, a sibling gaming duo with a comedic flair, was chosen for the next phase.

Bringing unique skillsets and styles to the writer’s room, the teams collaborated to script and produce a cinematic short film inspired by the software title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Reaching over 1 million views in the first week, their record-shattering video premiered at the Nintendo Lounge during Sundance Film Festival and launched on influencer channels the following day, creating breakthrough coverage throughout the social web.


31 user-generated videos created:
  • 5 million YouTube views
  • 910 million earned media impressions
  • 4,000 shares across Facebook and YouTube
  • Drove over 2,000 new subscriptions for Brand Ambassador channels
  • 1,100 media stories

Behind The Scenes